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Our message boards are governed by the following set of community standards. Please familiarize yourself with them. By posting on our message boards, you indicate that you accept our Community Standards and the Terms of Service.

To report any violations of the Community Standards or the Terms of Service, click the "Notify Administrator about this message?" link at the bottom of the message in question or use the Help section of this site.

We at want our online community to be friendly, informative, and enjoyable for all of our members. We reserve the right to remove any material that does not comply with the standards below or our Terms of Service without prior warning or further explanation. We also reserve the right to revoke posting privileges at our discretion and without warning. is family-oriented, and we expect posts to be appropriate for users of all ages. If everyone adheres to these standards, our message boards will continue to be a fun and informative online community!

The message boards are not a support resource or avenue of communication with If you have support questions or comments please use the Help links on the site. Community Standards

  1. Be respectful of others' opinions. A difference of opinion can be expressed without resorting to insults and bullying.

  2. Any posts, user names, or subject lines containing profanity, sexually graphic, or offensive language may be deleted. This includes any uses of characters such as @#$% to replace letters.

  3. We don't allow racist, abusive, hateful, violent, or obscene language on any of our message boards. Insulting and defamatory language and personal attacks are not permitted.

  4. Threats, harassment, verbal assaults, and online stalking will not be tolerated. Posts that might be construed as such may be deleted and made available to the proper authorities.

  5. Suggesting or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of posting privileges.

  6. We take copyright infringement very seriously. Any articles, news reports, or other copyrighted material included in the posts must be with the permission of the relevant copyright owners.

  7. Don't spam or post chain letters, pyramid schemes, junk mail, or any unsolicited or unauthorized promotional material.

  8. Our boards are meant for discussions, not for commercial solicitation, instant messaging, or advertising purposes, and posts of that nature may be deleted.

  9. All posts should be genealogical in nature. Posts that do not pertain to genealogical matters may be deleted.

Always remember that any personal information you reveal can be obtained and used by others. Anything you say here, you say at your own risk. Do not provide anyone with any information that you don't want made public.

When participating in an online conversation, never assume that people are who they say they are, know what they say they know, or are affiliated with whom they say they are affiliated.
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